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Clovis Way of Life
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Clovis Way Of Life
Story, Photos by JoAnne Green

What make Clovis such a special city?

Here are some of the focal points of what locals affectionately refer to as the Clovis Way of Life:

Clovis landmarkThe City of Clovis has gained a solid reputation for the excellence and superiority of its schools. The people of Clovis value the importance of an outstanding educational experience and environment as well as excellent academic achievement of their children. Therefore, the Clovis schools, teachers, and parents show their strong partnership in giving their steady and enthusiastic support in as many ways as possible to the children both at home and in school. Over the years, Clovis schools have been recognize as recipient of the National Honor awards and have been named among California Distinguished Schools based on the schools' demonstrations of academic excellence and high student achievement. Students of Clovis Unified School District are constantly reminded to "Be the Best You Can Be in Mind, Body & Spirit" and that "Character Counts."

Clovis TrailOne of the city founders' greatest legacies is  their examples as long-lasting role models in civic pride and community spirit during the early history of Clovis in the 1890s. For well over one hundred years, the people of Clovis have continued to show their strong civic pride and community spirit in many ways and fashions. The local folks and their city government have worked together on many projects to beautify Clovis and carry on the tradition of making Clovis a greater city. Today, it is easy to see the significant results of that proud tradition around the city. For example, thirteen miles of shade trees along Clovis Old Trail reflect the enthusiastic community spirit of the local folks. In spring of 2006, more than three thousand volunteers from Clovis, Fresno, and other neighboring towns helped to plant over 4,500 trees in one day along the Clovis Old Trail. According to city official, the volunteers enjoyed planting trees together on that day and their effort set a Guinness World Record for most trees planted in a city in one day. Also $120,000.00 were saved on that day by the volunteers' positive effort. Shinning community spirit keeps on growing in Clovis!

Indian Mother & Child ScupltureThe cultural and ethnic diversity in Clovis is well reflected from the inception to the present day. Just like the early 1800s, when people of many different ethnicities from many parts of the world arrived this community with their hopes and dreams to build a great quality of life for their family and live harmoniously with the native population of Central California, the people of Clovis today continue to work to improve the quality of life in the community and to share their unique cultures and backgrounds with their neighbors in the community. It is a true picture of a melting pot.

The people of Clovis also are brimming with pride for their western and agricultural heritage. This proud history is reflected in many cultural and agricultural events all year round.

Clovis RodeoClovis' western heritage is particularly well represented by the annual Clovis Rodeo which has been a tradition for over ninety-five years, and the many community events associated with Rodeo Weekend. Clovis Rodeo is one of the largest rodeo events in the West. On the last weekend in April each year, Clovis Rodeo brings three days of wholesome fun to local families with a beautiful three-hour-long rodeo parade, lot of mouth-watering food booths, many vendors of western crafts, apparel, and memorabilia, and of course, the world-class rodeo event themselves, such as the adrenaline-driven Professional Bull Riding with the world toughest cowboys. In addition, there is an exciting concert in the evening.

Agricultural heritage has been and continued to be one of most important influences in the lives of the people of Clovis and the surrounding areas in Fresno County. One of the city founders, Clovis Cole, was a farmer and was widely known as the "Wheat King of the USA." Today, more than three hundred fifty varieties of commercial crops are grown in the Central Valley which produces more than half the fruits and vegetables grown in the United States. According to the 2008 Fresno County Agricultural Crop and Livestock Report presented by County Agricultural Commissioner Carol Hafner, Fresno County set a record with its agricultural production in 2008, topping "the five billion dollar-mark for the second time!

Clovis Farmers' MarketAnother significant reflection of the agricultural heritage in Clovis is Friday Night Farmers' Market, which runs from May through September. Our hard-working small family farmers in Clovis and the surrounding areas offer for sale at the Farmers' Market a great selection of many varieties of the freshest and best quality fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other farm products, directly from the farms.

We are blessed to live in the heart of the nation's most productive agricultural region.

We welcome you to a genuinely American city and invite you to explore and experience the unique Clovis Way of Life.

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Clovis is what every small town aspires to be
when it grows up!

Meet Our Publisher
JoAnne Green, Editor/Publisher
Clovis resident for 30 years

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