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50th California State Square Dance Convention

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Baked Mediterranean Potato Wedges

Clovis Annual Easter Egg Hunt

16 Tons of Fresh Oranges from Central Valley Packinghouse Sent to Victims of Chilean Earthquake

Annual North American Pole Vault Championships in Old Town Clovis

Annual Clovis British Classic Car Show

Gardening for Humming Birds

Meet the Best
Friends of Wildlife

Song of The Flower

Garden Photo Gallery



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Taste Flavors too Big for Ordinary Tea Bags

Annual California Fig Fest

Annual North American Pole Vault Championships

Annual Clovis
British Classic Car Show

Clovis Fest -- An Exciting, Colorful, and Fun-Filled Experience

Student Program Connects Soil Nutrients with Healthy Foods

Academic gains continue across Clovis Unified 

A Locally Grown America

Nimitz Makes Wish
Come True

44th World Ag Expo Earns Rave Reviews

Fighting for Your Heart

Valley Native to Head State Health and Human Services Agency

How to Insure Your Antiques Properly

Miracles on a Mountainside

Overweight Senior Gets Fit the Right Way!

A Champion in the Woods

18th Annual Antique Show Celebrates History

Feeling Low? Need Success? Consult a Tree

Celebrating America's 235th Birthday

Statewide High School Track and Field Championship to Remain  How California Grape Growers Cope with Weather

Clovis Area Recreation -- Come Play with Us!

Larry Freels' Historic Carousel Animals Collection on Exhibit

Clovis Unified School District Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Carousel History with Carousel Historian Tobin Fraley

Clovis Rodeo Celebrates Its 97th Anniversary in 2011


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Welcome to Clovis and Central California! Come Explore, Experience and Enjoy the Unique and Charming Clovis Way of Life and the Spectacular Beauty of the Surrounding San Joaquin Valley and the Central Sierras.


Tomatoes Get CO2 Enrichment


Food-safety Plan for California Melons


The Secret to Good Tomato Chemistry


The City of Clovis in Central California is a brilliant blend: It is a vibrant modern town that retains an authentic Western theme. Clovis is a real hidden gem. It is amazing what you'll find in Clovis  ̶  and in the surrounding area.

A genuinely American town with a unique community culture affectionately referred to by the locals as the Clovis Way of Life, Clovis is noted for its warm and friendly people, its charming atmosphere, its time-honored and hospitable traditions, its excellent schools. A thriving, safe and clean community, the City of Clovis is well-loved and cherished by both local people and out-of-town visitors.

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The city of Clovis is brimming with festivals and community events with a local flair and a wide appeal throughout the year. Come and experience the fun of Big Hat Days, Bluegrass Concert in the Park, Rodeo, the Clovis Criterium Series, Hot Air Balloons at the annual Clovis Fest, the Clovis Antique & Collectibles Fair, Clovis Advantage Trade Show, the North American Pole Vaulting competition, the Budweiser Beverage Garden, the Clovis British Car Roundup, and much more.
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Clovis is an excellent base for an easy day trip to some of America's most visited national parks  ̶  Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon  ̶  for sightseeing, horseback riding, hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, etc. Enjoy fishing? Come and drop a line at Bass Lake, Friant Cove, Fort Washington Beach, Lost Lake, Pine Lake, San Joaquin River Parkway, Shaver Lake, Sycamore Island or hundreds of other great fishing spots.
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Blessed with super-fertile soil, plenty of sun, and a unique climate, our farmers and growers play a vital role in feeding the people of this region and the nation with an amazing assortment of the finest agricultural products in the world, all year round. Experience and enjoy the incredible abundance of the best quality fresh fruit and vegetables while you're here.
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Venture outside of the city limits in springtime and experience the world-famous Blossom Trail  ̶  over 70 miles of breathtaking vistas of apricot, cherry, apple, almond, peach, plum, nectarine, and orange trees in full bloom, as well as myriads of wild flowers. It's easy to access; just follow the Blossom Trail sign. There are many wonderful photo ops, so don't forget to pack your camera  ̶  and some snacks and drinks, as well.
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Experience some of the finest and freshest fruits and vegetables grown locally at our Certified Farmers' Market in Old Town Clovis. Shoppers will have many great selections of tree-ripened fruits, freshly harvested herbs and vegetables, local fresh eggs, and natural honey, along with fresh flowers, artisan cheeses, jams and pickles, as well as all-American favorite ready-to-eat foods like burgers, hotdogs, BBQ tri-tip sandwiches, kettle corn, pizza, ice cream, nachos, tacos, BBQ chicken, churros, and more. There's always fun live music at Farmers' Market in Old Town Clovis that will make you feel like tapping your feet and smiling, or even kicking up your heels with your sweetheart.
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Story, Photos, and Slide shows  by JoAnne Green.
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Clovis is what every small town aspires to be when it grows up!SM

JoAnne Green, Publisher

JoAnne Green
Editor & Publisher
Clovis resident for 30 years
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CUSD's Regional Occupational Program 2011

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California Green Beans and Beans Sprouts Stir-fry

Refreshing Summer Snacks with California Red Flame Grapes

Celebrating National Ice Cream Month 2011

Regional Destination ImagiNation Tournament 2011

FREE, Historic, Artistic, Rare Carousel Animals Exhibit

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